NLP Topic Modelling

Posted on Sat 19 January 2019 in ML • Tagged with NLP, ML, Topic_Modelling

Topic Modelling

One of my resolutions was to start adding to the site. Sometimes I spend time learning something and it gets lost and may interest others if I shared it.

I went to the Manchester PyData meetup in November and a guy did a really interesting talk on topic …

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Mario Learning

Posted on Sun 27 May 2018 in yeah • Tagged with thats, awesome, ML, emulation

Part 4. Reinforcement Learning - Q-Learning

Now we have everything set up and the basic random policy. Mario would have to be super lucky to get anywhere with this. It's time to improve the policy.

mario reading

I'm going to use the reinforcement learning technique of deep Q-learning.

Deep Q-Learning

This is the …

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Mario Environment API

Posted on Thu 24 May 2018 in yeah • Tagged with thats, awesome, ML, emulation

Part 3. Build an api for the environment

Now that we can pull out information from the gameboy environment, why do we need to do this?

Reinforcement learning overview

I'll discuss the basic premise of reinforcement learning (RL). RL mimics how we humans learn things in the real world. We …

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Mario Environmental

Posted on Wed 16 May 2018 in yeah • Tagged with thats, awesome, ML, emulation

Part 2. Explore the mario environment

This is were things get exciting. I found a really well documented, well written, python based gameboy emulator - PyBoy

I fired it up and all of the games I tried worked perfectly.

Next step is to have a play with its api. There is …

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GBakeBoy Emulator

Posted on Fri 11 May 2018 in yeah • Tagged with thats, awesome, ML, emulation

Part 1. Build an emulator

Inspired by various videos of a computer playing game I wanted to see if I could create one for myself.
Keeping things simple the goal would be:

Goal: Create a system that learns to play super mario on the gameboy


This would need a couple …

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Predicting Criminals

Posted on Mon 02 April 2018 in yeah • Tagged with thats, awesome, ml, keras

Using machine learning estimate whether someone is going to commit a crime in the future.

My annotated entry is here or to play with it and run the code in google colab here

Original competition



I haven't updated the site in a while but I have been busy. At …

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Go bananas with the BBC Micro:Bit

Posted on Fri 05 August 2016 in microbit • Tagged with fruit, micropython, microbit

I received the microbit a couple of weeks ago and it's a solid device with plenty of scope for fun times. The best thing is that it runs micropython. Yey, go team!

I had a chance for a quick play with the microbit during the butlins science weekend. The weekend …

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Wemos OLED Shield

Posted on Tue 02 August 2016 in esp8266 • Tagged with esp8266, micropython, oled

I was going to write about setting up a server with the D1 but got overexcited about the OLED screen so I'm doing that first.


This is a shield for the Wemos D1 mini and built by the same people. It's a 64x48 oled screen that can be mounted on …

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Connected to the world

Posted on Fri 29 July 2016 in esp8266 • Tagged with esp8266, micropython

We have the d1 mini and able to run python code on it, yey us!

The big sell of the ESP8266 is the embedded wifi. With this entry we'll go through using this with micropython.

Get Connected


Connect to the D1 and enter the following into the repl. I'll explain …

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Getting started with the wemos d1 and micropython

Posted on Wed 27 July 2016 in esp8266 • Tagged with esp8266, micropython

First thing to do is obtain the wemos d1 mini.


Currently they can be bought from the wemos store on ali express for £3.08 each with free p&p.

I've heard there are fake versions on aliexpress that are cheaper but the link above takes you to the manufacturers …

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